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Published: Four American Tales

Jack Messenger, Four American Tales


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Authors: If You Want Reviews, Get Copyediting!

I enjoy writing book reviews. They are part of the critical conversation that authors and readers need to make decisons about reading and writing, buying and selling. A good book is worthy of our respect and serious attention even – perhaps especially – if we disagree with its viewpoint or have trouble with some of its assumptions. And, of course, a good book that we also admire is a joy to review – it’s as if the author’s talent has rubbed off on the reviewer! Continue reading

Copyediting for Indie Authors | Cover Reveal

Jack Messenger, Copyediting for Indie WritersHere it is! And I can hardly contain my excitement! What started off as an idle thought, grew into a side-project, then developed into a fully fledged obsession, will soon become a reality. Launch day is fast approaching. Aaargh!

I’ve spent my career in the publishing industry as a writer, copyeditor and editorial project manager, submissions reader and reviewer. I’ve worked for major trade and academic publishers such as Berlitz, Routledge and Wiley-Blackwell, plus major international organizations in the not-for-profit sector. I’ve helped literally thousands of authors on many thousands of books – books of all kinds, from travel guides to children’s picture books to cutting-edge academic scholarship. Continue reading

Copyediting for Indie Authors | Launch Day 20 March

20 March is Launch Day for Copyediting for Indie Authors – it’s FREE for the first three days!

Jack Messenger, Copyediting for Indie Writers

Available exclusively as an ebook HERE, Copyediting for Indie Authors is FREE for the first three days (an extra free day now!).

Find out what basic errors put off readers and reviewers (you’ll be surprised).

  • Save time and money.
  • Link to two more free tips, plus handy copyediting checklist.
  • Lift your book closer to perfection.

New Author Sells Eighty Thousand Books in One Year: Here’s How

New Author Sells Eighty Thousand Books in One Year: Here’s How

1 October 2015 by Alan Rinzler

When John J. Davis set out to market his first self-published thriller Blood Line, he thought he did everything right. He hired an experienced book publicist, arranged readings at bookstores, went on a thirty-day cross-country author tour. The results were dismal.

‘We quickly discovered that the old-fashioned methods didn’t work for us,’ says John’s wife Rebekah, who now manages the book’s marketing. ‘Many retailers were reluctant to carry Blood Line or schedule a reading for John, because he was an unknown self-published author. Even when we were able to have an event, readers would browse through the paper edition but then go home and buy online. When that happened, a big chain like Barnes & Noble would return our books. So none of the routine techniques were producing results.’

John and Rebekah completely retooled their strategy, and in one year have sold a phenomenal 80,283 books and counting. Here in an interview with Rebekah Davis, is a rundown of exactly how they did it.

Continue reading