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Jack Messenger

I love to read great fiction and I enjoy writing reviews. I always try to be fair and positive, and offer constructive criticism where appropriate. However, my reviews are reviews, not sales promotions, so, when necessary, I will discuss weaknesses in a book. If there is something I really don’t like, or if I find some other problem that prevents me from giving a balanced review, I’ll email the author before going further. Needless to say, I do not charge for a review.

Please note I only review:

  • Literary/contemporary fiction (i.e. work that does not fit a distinct genre or else transforms genre in some way)

I can sometimes be persuaded to read biography and serious non-fiction, but I am not interested in poetry or work with a religious agenda.

I receive a lot of requests for reviews, so I do not reply to those who, in my judgement, have clearly not read this review policy and submitted something inappropriate.

Send me an email at 39steps[at]carlotta[dot]org[dot]uk or complete the contact form below and tell me the title and word-count of your book for review, plus a link to wherever it is available. If you have a summary of your book, with characters’ names, that you can send me, all the better. I’ll contact you once I’ve looked at the link and let you know if I can or cannot provide a review. If I can, then I shall ask you to send me a mobi file or pdf or anything else I can read on Kindle or iBooks. I’m usually a fast reader, so turnaround times should be quite short, but I will provide an estimate of the time it will take and tell you if that changes.

I can post a review on this blog and anywhere else, depending on the nature of the work under review. I usually post on the Compulsive Reader, Goodreads, Scriggler and Amazon.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading some wonderful work!

Other great review sites

www.mcneilsreviews.com:  reviews non-fiction

www.compulsivereader.com: focused on literary fiction and poetry

www.vulpeslibris.wordpress.com: literary fiction

www.genuinejenn.com: all kinds of book reviews

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  1. Thanks for listing me 🙂 I’m flattered and honoured.

  2. So great to see a book review blog that specifies contemporary and literary fiction. Not too many out there :-D.

    Tam May

  3. Kevin G. Chapman

    March 12, 2017 at 3:32 am

    Thanks for running a blog for contemporary fiction. Much needed and much appreciated.

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