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The Writing Greyhound: Finding Meaning in the Stories We Love

Writing Greyhound Lorna Holland

‘People invite me to their literary evenings just to get the name of my tailor.’

I am the Writing Greyhound – pleased to meet you. I’m hosting a post of Jack’s from 15 February entitled ‘Creative Reading: How We Find Meaning in the Stories We Love’. It’s about some of the ways we read and observe important things in the books we enjoy. As a writer myself (Lou Canino, author of the Matt Blasco detective series), I found the post provided interesting food for thought. Speaking of food …

The Writing Greyhound is a great book blog. You can find it here.

Literary Homicide with Tropical Mary

Go there, if you dare, for an excellent review of Four American Tales.

Deliverance | Miantae Metcalf McConnell

Deliverance | Miantae Metcalf McConnell

Striving to Deliver: Book review of Deliverance, a novel by Miantae Metcalf McConnell

The front cover of Deliverance proclaims Mary Fields (c. 1832–1914), the putative subject of the novel, ‘First African American Woman Star Route Mail Carrier in the United States’. The cover also announces that this is ‘A Montana History’.

Mary Fields had been born into slavery and was only freed with Abolition. She must have been a woman of great determination and perseverance, for she won the respect and friendship of the communities she served, and was an independent businesswoman. ‘Black Mary’, as she was known by many, even became the ‘mascot’ of a local baseball team. She did not become an employee of the US Post Office; rather, in common with other persons, she was contracted to deliver the mail on a specified route based on her initial bid, her guarantees and her dependability. In 1885 Mary was awarded the contract to deliver mail from Cascade, Montana to St Peter’s Mission.

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Authors: Your Book Reviews Just Got Bigger !

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