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Another Masterpiece Bites the Dust

Have you noticed how most of the novels you read are masterpieces that will stay with you the rest of your life? Have you been mesmerized and dazzled by books that are devastatingly atmospheric, compulsive and irresistible? Seduced by the style and elegance of quick-paced, taut prose? Bewitched by tense and enigmatic storytelling? Tantalized by mystery and suspense? Continue reading

New Author Sells Eighty Thousand Books in One Year: Here’s How

New Author Sells Eighty Thousand Books in One Year: Here’s How

1 October 2015 by Alan Rinzler

When John J. Davis set out to market his first self-published thriller Blood Line, he thought he did everything right. He hired an experienced book publicist, arranged readings at bookstores, went on a thirty-day cross-country author tour. The results were dismal.

‘We quickly discovered that the old-fashioned methods didn’t work for us,’ says John’s wife Rebekah, who now manages the book’s marketing. ‘Many retailers were reluctant to carry Blood Line or schedule a reading for John, because he was an unknown self-published author. Even when we were able to have an event, readers would browse through the paper edition but then go home and buy online. When that happened, a big chain like Barnes & Noble would return our books. So none of the routine techniques were producing results.’

John and Rebekah completely retooled their strategy, and in one year have sold a phenomenal 80,283 books and counting. Here in an interview with Rebekah Davis, is a rundown of exactly how they did it.

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