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Farewell Olympus

Farewell OlympusWriting Over, Designing Begins


I am tremendously excited to have finished my new novel, Farewell Olympus, which was an entirely new writing experience for me. Now it’s time to think about cover copy and book descriptions. I find it difficult to describe my own work, partly because I dislike blowing my own trumpet, partly because I can never decide what it is exactly. Farewell Olympus is no exception: I think it’s funny, but in a dry, seldom laugh-out-loud way. I also think it’s clever and entertaining, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I? It has elements of mystery and thriller, but it’s definitely not either of those. About all I can say with any confidence is that it’s fiction. Here’s what I have come up with so far.

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Another Masterpiece Bites the Dust

Have you noticed how most of the novels you read are masterpieces that will stay with you the rest of your life? Have you been mesmerized and dazzled by books that are devastatingly atmospheric, compulsive and irresistible? Seduced by the style and elegance of quick-paced, taut prose? Bewitched by tense and enigmatic storytelling? Tantalized by mystery and suspense? Continue reading

The Long Voyage Home – a brief extract

Miss Bird Has a Vision 

It is 1935. Harriet Bird has lived in the Malay Peninsula for sixteen years. Now she must return to England and an uncertain future. She has just boarded the passenger freighter in Singapore that will take her across the Indian Ocean and along the Suez Canal to Port Said. It is her first time out on deck, which she shares with Mr and Mrs Richmond, whom she encountered at embarkation, and a mysterious man whom she has yet to meet.
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First, Find an Agent


There Was This Old Lady …

Her name’s Miss Bird, Harriet Bird. She is on her way home to England after sixteen years in Malaya, where she served as housekeeper to her brother Paul on a rubber plantation. It is 1935 and war is brewing. Tensions exist between the passengers on the Estonia as it makes its way to Port Said. Not everyone is what they appear to be. Miss Bird is beset with troubles and worries. Continue reading