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Good reviews of one’s own work are so encouraging. I just discovered these wonderful reviews of Four American Tales on Goodreads, after eighteen months or so during which I have avoided social media etc. for the sake of my health. Thank you to all my reviewers, whether you have liked what I do or not. See the Goodreads reviews here.

Farewell Olympus

Farewell OlympusWriting Over, Designing Begins


I am tremendously excited to have finished my new novel, Farewell Olympus, which was an entirely new writing experience for me. Now it’s time to think about cover copy and book descriptions. I find it difficult to describe my own work, partly because I dislike blowing my own trumpet, partly because I can never decide what it is exactly. Farewell Olympus is no exception: I think it’s funny, but in a dry, seldom laugh-out-loud way. I also think it’s clever and entertaining, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I? It has elements of mystery and thriller, but it’s definitely not either of those. About all I can say with any confidence is that it’s fiction. Here’s what I have come up with so far.

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Published: Four American Tales

Jack Messenger, Four American Tales


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Four stories plus a link to a free bonus story.

Authors: If You Want Reviews, Get Copyediting!

I enjoy writing book reviews. They are part of the critical conversation that authors and readers need to make decisons about reading and writing, buying and selling. A good book is worthy of our respect and serious attention even – perhaps especially – if we disagree with its viewpoint or have trouble with some of its assumptions. And, of course, a good book that we also admire is a joy to review – it’s as if the author’s talent has rubbed off on the reviewer! Continue reading

Copyediting for Indie Authors | Cover Reveal

Jack Messenger, Copyediting for Indie WritersHere it is! And I can hardly contain my excitement! What started off as an idle thought, grew into a side-project, then developed into a fully fledged obsession, will soon become a reality. Launch day is fast approaching. Aaargh!

I’ve spent my career in the publishing industry as a writer, copyeditor and editorial project manager, submissions reader and reviewer. I’ve worked for major trade and academic publishers such as Berlitz, Routledge and Wiley-Blackwell, plus major international organizations in the not-for-profit sector. I’ve helped literally thousands of authors on many thousands of books – books of all kinds, from travel guides to children’s picture books to cutting-edge academic scholarship. Continue reading

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