Farewell Olympus by Jack Messenger

Farewell Olympus is, I think, my best work so far. I hope you find it witty, intriguing and even a little poignant. The story it tells of rivalry and family tensions is liberally spiced with romance and mystery. The location is central Paris, so it’s a young Englishman abroad who thinks he knows his way around the culture, but who learns there is more to life than he thought.’ Jack Messenger

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Farewell Olympus: Love and rivalry, ambition and morality, Armageddon and the quest for the perfect croissant.

When a patron of the arts named Serge loans him a luxurious penthouse apartment in central Paris, Howard can’t believe his luck. Now he can live cheaply while he translates articles for shortlived websites and doomed art journals nobody reads. And he’ll have more time to devote to his inscrutable French girlfriend, Delphine, a trainee lawyer.


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Paris, Farewell Olympus by Jack Messenger

‘As far as the eye could see, the lights of Paris burned with betrayal. The roar of the city was a wild beast on the prowl.’

A long, hot summer in the capital of the world. Life is sweet. Until …

  • Great Characters

    Disaster strikes, in the shape of Eugene, Howard’s half-brother and personal nemesis, who sows chaos and discord wherever he goes.

  • Powerful Writing

    Howard’s uneventful life is plunged into mystery and farce. People are suddenly not what they seemed, and danger lurks in every restaurant.

  • Intriguing Storyline

    Can Howard and Eugene overcome their mutual antagonism long enough to survive? Should Howard forgive Eugene for being better looking?

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‘I am a reviewer from Publisher’s Weekly, and I got the privilege to review your novel Farewell Olympus. It was a stupendously hilarious yet profound read! Your ability to infuse humour into foreign espionage resurrected the clichéd mystery genre.’ (Paige Gilmar, professional reviewer)

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