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Please May I Call Myself a Prizewinning Author?

First Prize

I was told a few days ago by Scriggler that the article I posted there had just come first in its Opinion category as the most popular post of September. I am thus the proud recipient of a Scriggler Five. Scriggler and a host of kind retweeters have since Tweeted me and the other winners all over the Twittersphere. Ain’t that nice? It just goes to show that talent, hard work and dedication pay off eventually. I’d like to think I’m on a roll now. Congratulations to my fellow prizewinners.

Here’s the Scriggler post. Here it is on my blog.

Now I really must hire a dinner suit and rehearse my speech. ‘Svetlana and I should like to thank the Academy …’


  1. A truthful take on inspiration, and nicely put together.

  2. Jack, I can well see how your blog about not needing inspiration in order to write won first prize. It’s very clearly written, well referenced, and full of useful advice and insights. In fact, it’s inspiring!

    Joking apart, well done and many congratulations.

  3. In response to your question, yes you may.

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