New Author Sells Eighty Thousand Books in One Year: Here’s How

1 October 2015 by Alan Rinzler

When John J. Davis set out to market his first self-published thriller Blood Line, he thought he did everything right. He hired an experienced book publicist, arranged readings at bookstores, went on a thirty-day cross-country author tour. The results were dismal.

‘We quickly discovered that the old-fashioned methods didn’t work for us,’ says John’s wife Rebekah, who now manages the book’s marketing. ‘Many retailers were reluctant to carry Blood Line or schedule a reading for John, because he was an unknown self-published author. Even when we were able to have an event, readers would browse through the paper edition but then go home and buy online. When that happened, a big chain like Barnes & Noble would return our books. So none of the routine techniques were producing results.’

John and Rebekah completely retooled their strategy, and in one year have sold a phenomenal 80,283 books and counting. Here in an interview with Rebekah Davis, is a rundown of exactly how they did it.

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